How to use Teams/SharePoint as a logs location for support and send logs from device

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In this post I will show you how to use Teams/Sharepoint as a location to gather logs, send logs from devices using PowerShell.


- You want to send logs from a device somewhere

- You want a location easily available

- You want to make it available only for a specific team

- You want to use PowerShell to send logs without any user action

The solution

The solution can be achived in few steps:

1. Create a new Team/Sharepoint

2. Give access to it

3. Create a SharePoint app

4. Give this app write access on the SharePoint

5. Use PowerShell to send logs

I will soon share a systray tool allowing user to directly create a ZIP containing file, event logs... and send it to the SharePoint in one click.

Other posts

See below some other post I did:

- Upload file to SharePoint wit PowerShell

- Collect whatever you want on device with Intune

In this first one, I show two methods, SharePoint app or Azure app.

Creating Team/Sharepoint

In this step we will create a new team that will be used to gather logs.

We will proceed as below:

1. Go to Join a team or create a team

2. Click on Create a team

3. Click on From zero

4. Click on Private

5. Type a name

6. Click on Create

7. Click on the dots

8. Click on Add a canal

9. Type a name like Windows then Add

10. Go to your team and click on the dots

11. Click on Open in SharePoint

Creating a SharePoint application

In this step we will create a SharePoint application that will allow your script to connect to the SharePoint and send logs.

We will proceed as below:

1. Go to the Sharepoint site (previous step):

1. In address bar add: /_layouts/15/AppRegNew.aspx

2. My link will be:


3. In Client ID and Secret, click on Generate

4. In Title, type a name

5. In App domain: type localhost

6. In Redirect URI, type: https://localhost

7. Click on Create

8. In the address bar replace AppRegNew.aspx with appinv.aspx

9. My link will be:


10. Type client ID in Appd ID and click on Lookup

11. In Permission Request XML, add below part:

12. Click on Create

13. Click on Trust it

Uploading content with PowerShell

In this step we will use PowerShell to connect to our team/SharePoint and upload a file.

We will proceed as below:

1. Import or install pnp module as below:

2. Add site, clientID, secret and folder in variables as below:

3. Connect to SharePoint as below:

4. Upload a file as below:

5. Disconnect

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