MVP 2017 Cloud and Datacenter Management

This time it’s not a Powershell or MDT post but just few words …
As you may know  Microsoft has changed his MVP program, now MVP’s are awarded each month.

MDT Wizard: Use an external Customsettings.ini

Some month ago, I shared a tool, link Here, that allows you to generate a Customsettings.ini file in order to use it like a profile. This way you can create multiple INI files.
In this post I will show you a wizard that I have created to apply a profile you have created and use it during your deployment.

MDT & PowerShell - Quick Reference Guide Update 1.1

In this post, you can find an update version 1.1, of the MDT & PowerShell - Quick reference Guide.

Why this guide ? In my job I work a lot with MDT and try to automatize most of common actions using PowerShell. I started to write this guide to keep in memory these cmdlets. 

What's new ?

In the new version, I aded PowerShell cmdlets for actions on the below nodes:
- Actions on the Monitoring node
- Actions on the Task Sequences node

How to get the PDF ?

MDT module 8443 for MDT Light version

In this post, you can find the MDT module from the new 8443 version in order to use with the MDT Light version.

What is a MDT module ?

Few months ago, I shared a way to use MDT without the MDT and ADK installed.
Using this method you can manage a Deployment Share with PowerShell. 
To do that you just have to load a module and create some registry keys. 
This module is a "light" version of the MDT installation files.
See here how to use this method.

What is MDT Light version ?

Three months ago I shared a tool, called MDT Light version, that allows you to manage a Deployment Share using the MDT portable method, above.
This tool allows you, with a GUI, to do different kind of tasks as import application, OS, update deployment share ... without MDT & ADK installed.
See here, how to use this tool.
See here, when to use this tool.

Why a new module ?

Two months ago Microsoft provided a new version of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.
After different versions, 2010, 2012, 2013 Update 1, 2013 Update 2, the new version is now called Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 8443.

See here the post from Aaron Czechowski about the new version.
You can download the new version here.
The new module 8443 will contain required installation files from the latest version.

How to get the module ?

How to use the module ?

This module works like the previous one. 
To use it using the commandline way, just set the MDT module path, as below:

To use it using the MDT Light tool, just browse to the lateste module version.
Select your Module GUI