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Here I will share with you my new book, Learn KQL in one month.

Where to find it ?

This book is available on Amazon in all countries as paperback or kindle version.

Link: https://amzn.eu/d/20BeAYi 

If you have issues to find it on't hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn, Twitter or mail (damien.vanrobaeys@gmail.com)

Why this book?

The goal of the book is not to be an expert in KQL after one month but at least to be more comfortable with it and be able to create some cools queries and workbooks.

I always enjoy sharing my knowledge when I learn some new things and that’s why I decided to write this book.

I was helping my colleague Abdelkarim to learn KQL by giving him some exercises every day.

After some exercises I thought it could be a cool idea to help more people to learn KQL using this method.

Furthermore, as you may know it’s always hard to start learning someone thing new when you’re already busy at work, don’t have enough time to start learning from scratch or don’t have real use case.

Here my goal is to let you learn by yourself but with a bit of structure.

This book is a different approach to learn and I recommend you use also books from Rod Trent to increase your knowledge.

Who this book is for?

This book is for people who wants to start with KQL or understand basics of this language by practicing it.

If you are in one of the below cases, this book is for you:

- You heard about KQL but never used it

- You just started with KQL

- You want to create workbook with Log Analytics

- You want to use Microsoft Sentinel

- You want to use Microsoft Defender XDR or others

- You want to use the device query part from Intune

What will you learn?

In this book, the goal is to start from the basics and go further step by step.

You will first see what KQL is, basics about the Logs explorer, how to use filters, operators, functions, display content from a table, join another table or workspace…

The book is built in a way to progress every day.

Indeed, the name of the book speaks for itself, each day some exercises will be proposed, and you will then find the solution on at the end of the book.

Finally, you will also learn how to create a workbook from scratch with a custom lab.

About exercises in the book

The book is divided in 30 days of exercises. Of course, you can manage exercises as you want, 30 days is just an example.

Each day is organized as below:

- Exercises to do on the day

- Key words* to help you with exercises 

*Key words to search on the web and helps you finding the solution

On each day you can play with two kinds of environment depending in which domain you work.

- Intune environment 

- Log Analytics demo environment

See below an overview:

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Learn KQL in one month


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