MDT Monitoring Web with Bootstrap - Part 1

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In this post I will show you how to build  cool reports to monitor your MDT deployment installations from the Web.
Two weeks ago, I shared a script that allows you to create a Web report to monitor your MDT deployment installations. This method used CSS for the Web design part.
Now I'll show you another way to proceed, using Bootstrap. It still uses CSS but directly from the Web and now just one file to use.

How to get the script ?

    How it looks like ?

    See below an overview:

    How to use it ?

    1 / As for my previous post, you just need your monitoring host.
    2 / Then, copy it in the ps1 file.
    3 / Run the PS1 file and Voilà !!!

    All your deployments will be displayed depending of the below categories:
    - Running 
    - Finished
    - Failed
    - Warning
    - Unresponsive

    As you may noticed, I setted one color by category.
    4 /  To add your logo, open the ps1 and replace the picture at the line 11 with yours
    See below the result (It's for you Octavion jejeje)

    What's next ?

    In my next post, I'll go further, and integrate some other new functionnalities, see below:
    - A dynamic search bar for searching a specific deployment
    - Badges that indicates the number of running, failed or success installations.
    - An dynamic customized alert message 

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    Unknown a dit…

    Great script. One question can this shift the times? For me it appears like the start and end times are recorded in UTC not sure there is an easy way to shift the displayed time by a few hours. I tried adjusting the time in the MDT boot WIM but that just broke it.

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