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In this post i will share with you a script that will display an html template to view your current deployment status.
I have some posts about MDT Monitoring, see here.
In this one, I will show you how to view your running, completed or failed deployment in a HTML report.

How it looks like ?

See below the final result of the report
Final Web report result

How to get the script ?

    How to use it ?

    First, you'll need to enable the Monitoring part on your main deployment share. In my case the Deployment share is located on your computer and deployment are running from this one.

    1 / Right-click on your deployment share
    2 / Choose Properties
    3 / Go to the Monitoring tab, and enable the checkbox
    Monitoring host
    4 / Keep in mind the monitoring host for connecting later
    5 / Check that the MDT Monitor Service is running, see below.
    Monitoring service
    6 / Now you can access through your browser to the monitoring web part.
    7 / In your browser run: monitoring_host:9801/MDTMonitorData/Computers/
    8 / See below the result

    9 / Now we will access to this link through a powershell request and format a table to make it more user-friendly.
    10 / To do that use the script, Web_Monitoring.ps1
    11 / In this script, replace the value of the $Your_Host variable with your monitoring host.

    12 / Copy the Monitoring_CSS.css file in ProgramData.
    13 / Now run the ps1
    14 / See below the result, note that I created a specific CSS file to customize the design.

    Case 1: My computer hasn't been deployed yet and is under PE
     Deployment status overview  in case 1
    Case 2: My computer is being deployed and running a Task Sequence
    Deployment status in case 2
    Deployment status in case 2
    Case 3: My computer is being deployed and has rebooted, for instance, Getting ready.
    Deployment status in case 3
    Case 4: My computer deployment is finished
    Deployment status in case 4

    What's next ?

    In the next post I will show you how to do the same but using Bootstrap instead of CSS, see below an overview:

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    Will you provide this also for SCCM?

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