Export BIOS settings for Intel NUC devices to PowerShell array or CSV

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In this post we will see how to easily export BIOS settings on for Intel NUC devices to a PowerShell array or CSV.


In my previous post I explained how to manage BIOS settings for Intel NUC devices using the isetupcfg tool.

BIOS settings on Intel NUC devices are a pain to manage. 

If you want to see settings applied on a device you need to use isetupcfg exe and export config as a txt file.

Then you have all config but it's not really to use for automation, really, really not.

That's why I created a script allowing you to easily export BIOS config to a PowerShell array or CSV.

Here we want to export BIOS config with below info:

- BIOS setting friendly name

- BIOS setting name (MAP)

- BIOS setting value


You will need two files to be able to extract BIOS config

- iSetupCfgWin64.exe

- amigendrv64.sys

You can download them there.

In the script I set a path from my GitHub, but you can download them and upload on a blob storage for instance.

Get the script

Click on the below GitHub picture to download the script

The solution

In my case I tested this on the following Intel NUC model: NUC11TNKi5

We will proceed as below:

1. Export config using isetupcfg tool

2. Read the txt file

3. Export values to an array

See below an overview of the output from a GridView:

This way you can easily navigate through all settings and see value applied for a specified setting.

For instance let's check value applied for the WLAN setting:

Now let's check the value applied for the BIOS self recovery setting:

Now let's check the iSetupCfg password check

See below an overview of the output in a CSV:

What's next ?

In the next post I will show you how to easily apply BIOS settings from a CSV on NUC devices through a remediation script.

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