Workflow Automation with Right Click Tools Builder and Runner

Say Goodbye to Repetitive Tasks

SysAdmins have many repetitive tasks on their checklist. While more pressing issues rage on, SysAdmins are often stuck doing the same thing over and over, all the while knowing that the repetition introduces human error. Automating repetitive tasks allows SysAdmins to get back to the vital work on their plates. Make life easier with Recast Software’s suite of customized actions that can automate an endless combination of tasks.


Right Click Tools has a complete, in-console workflow automation suite. Customize everything from input parameters, conditional responses, loopback steps, and more — over 250 actions across dozens of categories. Run it on a schedule. Share access. Eliminate human error. Automate practically any SysAdmin function.

Right Click Tools Builder 

Right Click Tools Builder is an automation engine that enables the creation of strings of Right Click Tools actions. This includes all the Right Click Tools actions, as well as PowerShell scripts, Registry Edits, WMI, and more. Utilizing Builder, you can create customized tools that can be saved and shared. The tools that you create can also be locked down by utilizing role-based permissions (enabled with the use of Recast Management Server, a central management server for all things Recast). Builder remedies the need to learn complex scripting languages. 

If you already have some PowerShell under your belt, you can create even more powerful actions mixing in PowerShell scripts to create more advanced actions. 

Where to start?

With Right Click Tools Builder/Runner the power is at your fingertips to create whatever automations you need to make your workday easier. Notice an issue that you have to remediate on a regular basis, but do not see the perfect Right Click Tools action for it? 

That’s where Builder/Runner comes in. Create the right tool for the job in an easy-to-understand graphical flow utilizing our powerful catalog of over 250 actions. If you are looking for a great place to start, check out our templates page for a starter pack of some commonly used Builder/Runner actions to get you off the ground. Each of the templates is covered in detail with quick overview videos that help explain the functionality and action steps.

Right Click Tools Runner 

Now that you have your automation built in Right Click Tools Builder how do you deploy it? 

That’s where Right Click Tools Runner comes in. Right Click Tools Runner enables you to use your new custom-built tool in your ConfigMgr environment. Whether you need to run the action right this second or schedule it to run at a certain time, Right Click Tools Runner has you covered. You can even schedule the action to run on a repeating interval. Just like with other Right Click Tools, you can also run your custom tool at scale across the devices you need.Learn more about Recast Software and Right Click Tools here.

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