Starting with Log Analytics: Part 4 - Adding Intune datas into Log Analytics workspace

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In this post we will continue the blog series about Log Analytics and see how to add Intune datas into a Log Analytics workspace.

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What do we want ?

- By default there is no table in a new workspace

- You want to query intune datas like devices

- You want to run KQL queries on Intune datas

- You want to create workbook from Intune datas

The solution

By default when you create a workspace in Log Analytics this one does not contain any table.

1. Go to your workspace Log Analytics

2. Click on Logs

3. Below warning is displayed:

4. Go to le portail Microsoft Endpoint Manager

5. Go to Tenant Administration

6. Go to Diagnostics settings

7. Click on Add Diagnostics settings

8. Type a name

9. Choose logs categories

10. Choose a workspace in which to add datas

11. Click on Save

12. Go back to your Log Analytics workspace 

13. Click on Logs

14. Later it will be as below:

It can take some time, in my case some hours or days.

LogAnalytics_Start 1779007503271704616

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