Starting with Log Analytics: Part 1 - Creating the Log Analytics workspace

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In this post, we will start playing with Log Analytics by creating our first Log Analytics workspace throough the portal and PowerShell.

Start with Log Analytics

I'm starting playing with Log Analytics, that's why I decided to create a blog post series to explain how to start with Log Analytics (for the noob).

Other articles

- Part 1: Creating our first Log Analytics workspace (you are here) 

- Part 2: Importing your own datas into the workspace (Soon)

- Part 3: Creating our first workbook (Soon)

- Part 4: Querying Log Analytics data with PowerShell and Graph (Soon)

Through Azure portal

Creating a resource group

1. Go to Azure

2. In the search bar type Resource group

3. Go to Resource group

4. Click on Create

5. Choose a Subscription

6. Type a name

7. Choose your region

8. Click on Review + Create

9. Click on Create

Creating the workspace

1. Go to Azure portal

2. Go to Log Analytics workspaces

3. Click on Create

4. Choose a subscription

5. Choose a resource group

6. Type a name

7. Choose a region

Through PowerShell

Installing module

We will need module Az.

Use the below command to install it:

Required information

To create the resource group and Log Analytics workspace, we will need below information:

In our example, it will be:

Creating the resource group

Use the below command:

Creating the workspace

Use the below command:

What's next ?

In the next post we will see how to import our own datas into the workspace in order to create our first report.

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