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A special post today because my blog just reached 2 million hits so for this time I won't speak about PowerShell, Intune, SCCM, WPF, nothing technical :-)

Quik reminder

One year ago I published my 1 million post, meaning I just get 1 million more in just one year (never expected that).

This is an occasion to thanks some peoples.

My mentor

Some years ago one of my colleagues had a blog.

Maybe you know him, his name is Nicolas Lacour (a Frenchie like me) aka Diagg.

You can find its stuff on osd-couture.

He gaves me the taste of blogging.

At the beginning I admit that I was a bit scared after publishing posts.

You know there is always a people to say, that's not true or that's not working...

Once a guy who told hey thank you for your MDT script that break my server.

After some search from him, he discovered that a change has been done by a team in his company...

Well don't pay attention there is always negative people, let's focus on people who like it.

Always thank inspiring people

As mentioned before, the first guy who gave me the taste to share and create my own blog is Nicolas Lacour.

However he is not alone, there are some other guys through whom I learned a lot of things.

- François-Xavier cat and his blog Lazywinadmin

- Johan Arwidmark and his blog Deployment Research

- Stephen Owen and his blog FoxDeploy

- Andrew Barnes and his blog Scriptimus

- Nickolaj Andersen and his blog MSEndpointMgr

People to follow

Now let's talk about other guys I follow and I recommand you to do too.

- Jérôme Bezet-Torres (@JM2K69): JM2K69.github.io

- Ben Whitmore (@byteben): byteben.com  

- Kelvin Tegelaar (@KelvinTegelaar): cyberdrain.com  

- Kevin Rahetilahy (@dev4sys): dev4sys.com  

- Mattias Melkersen (@MMelkersen): blog.mindcore.dk

- Mathieu Leroy (@maleroytw): mathieuleroy.fr

- Gary Blok (@gwblok): GARYTOWN.COM   

- Trevor Jones (@SMSagentTrevor): smsagent.wordpress.com  

- Peter Klapwijk (@inthecloud_247): inthecloud247.com

- David Segura (@SeguraOSD): osdeploy.com   

- Donna Ryan (@TheNotoriousDRR): msendpointmgr.com

- Octavio Rodriguez (@DeploymentMX): deployment.mx

Thanks all my readers to follow me and I hope you learn something on this blog 😁 and maybe see you later in one year the 3 million post 😂

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