Run MECM Upgrade In Place with a standlone media on a computer with no admin rights and limited network connectivity

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In this post I will show you a way to do an Upgrade In Place of computers that don't have admin rights and limited network bandwidth with a standalone media .

- You want to migrate your computers OS to a new version
- Computers have limited network bandwidth 
- You don't want to upgrade OS from the network
- You want to upgrade OS using an MECM Standalone Media
- Computers don't have admin rights 
- You can't execute manually the upgrade from the media

The solution
For this upgrade I will procced as below:
1. Create a Standalone media with the upgrade in place TS
2. Create an ISO then put it on USB keys
2. Create a PowerShell GUI that prompts user to plug the media
3. If user closes the GUI without no media, the GUI will be opened again
4. Create an SCCM application that runs the PowerShell GUI 
5. The application will be executed from Software Center in SYSTEM context
6. Once the user has pluged-in the media, Upgrade TS will start

Note: In this post I won't show how to create the Upgrade In Place TS because there are many posts about that like this one.

The use case
My colleague Solenn was tyring to do this upgrade and faced the issue with admin rights.
We didn't want to use network to upgrade the OS.
I suggested her, hey maybe you can run an appli from the Software Center that will run a PowerShell and this script will run the upgrade process.
She did this trick and that worked like a charm.

The PowerShell script
The GUI looks like as below:

What it does ?
The script will proceed as below:
1. The user clicks on the Software Center application
2. The script will check if there are removable medias
3. If yes it will check for a TSMBAutorun.exe file
4. If there is no media it will display the GUI
5. If there is a media but no TSMBAutorun.exe, the GUI is displayed
6. The GUI will be displayed until user insert media
7. If the TSMBAutorun file exists, the script will launch it
8. The Upgrade TS will then start

How to get it ?
The PowerShell GUI is available on GitHub, on the below link.

You can customize text and logo using the Warning_Config.xml file.

Create the Standalone Media
1. Go to Software Library
2. Go to Operating Systems
3. Do a right-click on Task Sequences  
4. Select Create Task Sequence Media
5. Select Stand-alone media then click on Next

6. Select CD/DVD
7. Save the Iname and path of the ISO

8. Click on Next
9. Choose or not a Task Sequence password

10. Select the Upgrade in Place Task Sequence
11. Click on Next
12. Choose apps or not then click Next
13. Choose package or not then click Next
14. Choose driver package or not then click Next
15. Click on Add, to add your DP
16. Click on Next
17. Click on Next in the Customization part
18. Click on Next in the Summary part
19. The process will start
20. Click on Close
21. The media content will look like as below:

22. As you may noticed there is a LaunchMedia.cmd
23. This one launches SMS\bin\i386\TSMBAutorun.exe
24. We will run TSMBAutorun.exe from our GUI

Note: You can find here, a nice guide about that written by my buddy Jitesh Kumar.

Create the GUI content
1. Download the script GUI from GitHub
2. Copy the folder to your server

Create the application
1. In your MECM console, go to Software Library then Applications
2. Click on Create Application
3. Select Manually specify the application information

4. Type a name and choose what you want then Next

5. Choose what you want, like an icon then Next

6. Click on the Add button

7. Choose Script installer then Next

8. Type a name then Next
9. In the content location, browse to the folder containing our GUI

10. In the Installation program, select the PS1 file
11. Choose your detection method
12. Specify System then Next

13. Click on Next in Requirements part
14. Click on Next

15. Click on Next
16. Click on Close
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