Run in Sandbox - New version with multilanguages and Windows 10 2004 WSB options

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In this post I will show you the new version of my tool Run in Sandbox that allows allows you to run directly a file in a Sandbox from a right-click on it.
It's now available in different languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian.

- At least Windows 10 1903
- Windows Sandbox feature enabled

What is the purpose ?
1. You want to test a specific PS1 or EXE file in an isolated environment
1. You have downloaded a ZIP but you're not sure of it and you want to open it a secure environment
2. A right-click on this file will display a new context menu, Run in Sandbox
3. Once you click on it, a WSB file will be generated on your desktop with a startup command to run the specific PS1 file
4. Then the Sandbox will be automatically launched with this configuration

Note that this tool is now a part of the Microsoft Windows Sandbox GitHub project, available here.

How to get it ?
The project is available on GitHub, link below.

What's new ?
- Added new languages for context menus
- New languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian
- Added new WSB configuration options for Windows 10 2004

How to implement it ?
1. Download the file from GitHub
2. Extract the archive
3. Run the file Add_Structure.ps1 to add context menus
4. Context menus will be added for ps1, vbs, exe, zip, msi files and folder
5. A folder Run_in_Sandbox will be copied in C:\ProgramData

How to remove it ?
I also added a script that delete all context menus.
For that just run the Remove_Structure.ps1 file

Sandbox configuration
A config file allows you to apply basic configurations to the Windows Sandbox.
This one called Sandbox_Config.xml
It is located in C:\ProgramData\Run_in_Sandbox
It allows you to set below options:
- Sandbox VGpu option
- Sandbox Networking option
- Sandbox ReadOnlyAccess option for shared folder
- WSB files location
- Main language of context menus
- Sandbox Audio input
- Sandbox Webcam input
- Sandbox protected mode
- Sandbox printer
- Sandbox Memory RAM
- Sandbox clipboard redirection 

If the WSB_Location is set to Default, WSB files will be saved in your desktop.
You can type your own location.

Change language
As mentioned, you can set the language in the Sandbox_Config.xml file.
If you didn't change anything, context menus will be adapted to your system language.
To set a different language, add the language code in the Main_Language node, as below:
- French: fr-FR
- English: en-US
- German: de-DE
- Spanish: es-ES 
- Italian: it-IT

See below context menus overview in different languages:
Windows_Sandbox 821562533372063768

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