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In this post I will show you the new version of the Quick AD Support tool (QADS). 
In this new version you will be able to execute action (enable, disable, unlock, remove, change password) on an AD Object (user or computer) from your normal account. 
Indeed a new menu will allow you to set your admin account in order to run actions with admin credentials.
In my previous post I shared a tool, called QADS, that allows you to access quickly, from the systray to some informations about user or computer.
For instance if you want to know if a user is locked, or password expired, or if you want to know if a computer is enabled or reachable, you can do this quickly as below:

How to run the tool ?
1 / If the tool is already launched, close it.
2 / Check the file Copy_Unblock_Run.ps1 has ot been blocked during the download, if yes unblock it.
3 / Run the Copy_Unblock_Run.ps1 file
4 / Check in your systray
The ps1 above will copy new content in ProgramData, unblock file and run the tool.

I have also released an external version of the tool that can be used out of the systray by running a ps1 file.
This one is composed of two part:
- User part: to launch it, run the QADS_User.ps1
- Computer part: to launch it, run the QADS_Computer.ps1

Fixed issues
- Issue while trying to change user password

How to get it ?

What's new ?
1 / A new menu allows you to set an admin account, as below:

This will allow you to execute actions from your basic account.
If your credentials are OK:

If credentials are KO:

A reveal password allows you to view the password you have typed.

2 / New computer action: remove computer
3 / Export user and computer infos in TXT report using the first button

See below an overview of a TXT file

What's next ?
- Display all inactive users since x days
- Display all inactive computers since x days
- Display all disable users since x days
- Display all disable computers since x days
- Disable all users that have password expired
- Display all computer depending of OS
- Display all computers on which a user has logged on
- Display password policies
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