Create your own MDT Final Summary wizard with PowerShell

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In this post I will show you how to replace the existing final summary wizard with a GUI created with PowerShell and Mahapps. This wizard will also a log folder that will contain deployment logs and event logs in order to have the computer state at the end of the deployment. 

By defaut the MDT final summary wizard looks like as below:

It's displayed if the skipfinalsummary is not set to TRUE or YES.

This wizard is composed of two files, as each MDT wizards.
- Summary_scripts.vbs: the code part
- Summary_Definition_ENU.xml: for the deign part
To understand how works an MDT wizard, see here my old post.
This wizard is launched by the script upgradesummary.wsf.

How to get it ?

How to integrate it ?

1 / Copy the folder SD_Summary_Wizard in the Deploy folder or at the rot of your deployment share.
2 / Set the SkipFinalSummary to YES in the customsettings.ini, this way the existing wizard won't be displayed.
You can also create a "Set a TS variable" step in your Task Sequence, as below:

3 / Add a new step at the end of your Task Sequence to run the PowerShell wizard, as below:
- Step type: PowerShell script
- Command line: %DEPLOYROOT%\SD_Summary_Wizard\Run_Final_Summary.ps1

    How it looks like ?

    See below the new final summary wizard created with PowerShell depending of the result.
    Note that two buttons are available:
    - View log files: Allows you to open the log folder
    - Finish: Will close the Window 

    Furthermore, the Finish and Close buttons will do the below actions:
    - Create a folder "C:\OSD_Logs"
    - Copy the DeploymentLogs folder in "C:\OSD_Logs\Deploy_Logs"
    - Copy smsts.log in "C:\OSD_Logs\Deploy_Logs"
    - Create system and applications event logs file, .evtx, in folder "C:\OSD_Logs\EVTX"
    - Copy them in "C:\OSD_Logs\System_Logs"
    - Copy Panther folder in "C:\OSD_Logs\System_Logs"

    Deployment OK

    If your computer has been installed successfully without any error or warning, the wizard will be dispayed as below:
    Deployment OK - Without errors
    If your computer has been installed successfully with at least one error or warning, the wizard will be dispayed as below:
    Deployment OK - With error or warning
    Deployment failed

    If not, it will be displayed as below:
    Deployment failed
    Of course, you can customize it changing the logo, see below an example:

    The wizard in action

    In the test below, I have executed a custom Task Sequence on mu computer

    What's next ?

    In the next wizard version, I'll add some other features:
    1 / Differents menus
    - Deployment Summary
    - Intalled applications
    - Contact in case of errors

    2 / Possibility to change the wizard language

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    Zay a dit…

    Hi I tried your new final summary wizard, and I love it except that I keep getting a powershell window that says "No result file" It displays the lines multiple times, at least 5 lines. When I click the finish button on the wizard, it goes away the same time the wizard does. I appreciate your help, thanks.

    Syl a dit…

    Same here, "No result file"

    SM a dit…

    I am getting the same Error MSG.
    No Result Found..
    Please advise

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