Unblock your downloaded files with a right-click and PowerShell

In this post, I will show you a quick way to unblock automatically files in one shot.
When you download a project or scripts from internet, sometimes  you get a  message "This came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer".
You can easily unblock them by doing a right-click on each files and click on Unblock. However if you have many files to unblock it can be a.
That's why i decided to find my own way to automate this task in just one click, by adding a new part in the context-menu from the right-click.

How to use it ?

1 / Go in the folder that contains blocked files.
2 / Do a right-click in the folder
3 / Click on Unblock folder content 

4 / Enjoy

How to add it ?

See below the script that will add the registry structure to add the new part in the context menu.

See below the script that will be run after clicking on Unblock folder content.

The script in action

I have downloaded a project from GitHub
I can't run the PS1 file
Reason is each files in the main folder and subfolders are blocked
If you do a right-click of each file, you'll see the below properties, Unblok.

Do a right click inside the folder and click on Unblock folder content
Now you can run the script and file are unblocked, as seen below.
unblock file 100684061634217706

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