Create an MDT Task sequence Template

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In this post I will show you how to create a easily a template for your MDT Task Sequence in order to reuse it quickly.

Why a template?
You have created your Task Sequence that worked pretty well. You  have added many steps into this TS. Now you have to create a new Task Sequence than needs to be the same that the previous one. You also need to add a new ID to the new TS. So let's see how to do this very easily.

1 / Go to the Deploy\Control folder from your master. 
2 / Go in your Task Sequence folder 
3 / Copy the file TS.xml and paste it in the same folder
4 / Rename the file, for instance to Windows 10 TS Template.xml
5 / Edit the xml file and change the name and description attributes as below:
6 / Copy the xml file to the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates.
7 / Refresh your deployment Share.
8 / Create a new Task Sequence, type ID and TS name.
New TS ID and name
9 / In the list of TS templates, the new template is now available. Choose it. 
Select the new TS template
10 / Choose your OS
Choose your OS
11 / Now you will find all your customization from the previous TS in the new one. 

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