MVP 2018 Cloud and Datacenter Management

About one year ago, I have been awarded from Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Today I received this famous mail from Microsoft that informs me I have been awarded as MVP for 2018-2019.
This day, fisrt of July was the renewal day. Every MVPs finally knew if there were renewed for the next year 2018-19. During this day we were kicking the F5 in our mailbox to know if the mail from Microsoft came. 

It's a real pleasure to be a part of the team again.

A big thanks to Kevin, Steven, Jérôme, Sébastien, Hervé, Laurent, Nicolas for their good advices and all my new colleagues.

A big thanks also to Jérôme BT, Octavio, Harjit, JF, Alex, Mimi and my others ponctual readers (sorry for those one I forget) and also Martine for her patience.

To others MVP, congrats and see you in Redmond.

To those one who want to become (Dan, Jérôme BT, Prateek...) don't give up.

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