Create a Metro design MDT Progress Bar Part 2

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In this post I will show you a Progress Bar with Windows 10 design that I have done to replace the existing MDT progress bar. This progress bar looks like to this one from Windows 10, for updates or upgrade.
In my previous post I shared a first metro design progress bar., see here. Both of them use MDT variables mentioned in my article here.


- Add PowerShell in your Boot image

How to get the GUI ?

How to use it ?

1 / Copy the folder MDT_WPF_Progress_W10Like in your deploy folder.
This folder contains the 3 PS1 files.
- The Run_Progress.ps1 is used to run the ProgressBar script in a external process.
- The MDT_Progress_W10_WPF.ps1 is used to display the GUI with a progress bar.

2 / Add two steps at the first place of your TS, as below:

The first one called Run Metro progress, is cnfigured as below:
Run Metro Part step
The second called Wait for GUI is configured as below:

Wait for GUI step
Add the same step after each reboot. I will try to find soon a solution to automatize this process.

3 / Hide the existing MDT progress Bar, to do this comment the function ReportProgress and  add the below part in the script ZTIUtility.vbs. 
See the post from Michael Niehaus.

How it works ?

The Run_Progress.ps1 file that you added in the Task sequence, launches the progress bar script.
See below how to use it, depending of the progress bar you want.
See below the scripts to display two differents style of progress bar.

Progress in action
See below how it looks like.

What's next ?
In the next post I will explain you how to display a progress bar that looks like as below:
In the next post, I will show you how to cutomize the native MDT progress bar in order to add the informations below:
- Current step name
- Current step number
- Total step number
- Total percent progression
See below how it will look like:

WPF_GUI 530368066982911019

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VonoX a dit…

juste pour signaler que le lien pointe sur le part 1

Damien Van Robaeys a dit…

Un grand merci pour ton retour. C'est corrigé :-)

Anonyme a dit…

hi, do the assemblys also work under pe 64 bit, I am not getting to work under 64 bit

Anonyme a dit…

Just wondering if the download is available elsewhere?
The https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Metro-Design-MDT-Progress-68abb07f
link is broken.
I'm keen to test and use this Metro style progress bar.


Anonyme a dit…

Can you share a new link with these scripts ?
They are not longer available.


Anonyme a dit…

Hi, are these scripts available still as the Microsoft link is broken

Anonyme a dit…

Can you please show how to have the progress bar show on all monitors?
I have tried creating two windows, but if I use .show() progress bar is not rotating, while if I use .showDialog() the first one opens correctly and only when I close the first one the second one opens..
Many thanks!

Bernhard a dit…

Hello, please upload the files to github.
Thank you

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