Customize the MDT Progress Bar using cool variables

In this post I will talk about 3 MDT variables that can help you to have a global overview about your MDT deployment progression.
According to me a important information is missing in the native MDT progress bar, this information is the total step number.
Indeed you just know the current step number, but how a noob can know how many steps should be still launched. 
In a previous post, I explained some MDT monitoring functionalities. The MDT monitoring allows you to display your computer installation progression. Indeed, using the Get-MDTMonitorData cmdlet you can display deployment progression. 
Some options are useful as to know like the current step that is being executed on a specific computer and the total step to execute. 
This way you can have a quick overview of the global deployment progression.

How it works ?

If you don't use the MDT monitoring part, you can also find these kind of functionallities using the below MDT variables

You can easily use these variables in MDT as below

In PowerShell you can use them as below

What's the next step ?

1 / I will soon share a WPF GUI that will display dynamically the progression of a current deployment, on the target computer. It will display the total step number, the current step number and the current step name. 
For instance Current step is: Installing operating System - Step 30 / 206. See below the sample.

2 / Then I will share another kind of progress bar that looks like to Windows 10 in full screen, as below:

3 / Finally I will share a way to hack directly the MDT Progress Bar to add the total step number.

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