Some useful queries to use in Powershell

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In this post, I'll show you some WMI query that can be used with Powershell. It's not very technical but that can be useful.
In a  previous post I have shown you a tool, OEM Support page,  to display your system informations. 
The informations below are used in this tool.
  • Display the installed Antivirus
  • Display the UAC status
  • Display the default printer
  • Display the installed language packs
  • Display the Windows Defender status
  • Display the firewall status
  • Display the installed RAM size
  • List hard disk total and free size
  • Display the current timezone
  • Display the Internet Explorer version
  • Display the SCCM site code
In this post I use Get-WMIObject for my queries but you can also use Get-CIMInstance.
See here a post, from Maik Koster, that explained why you should use the CIM method.

Display installed Antivirus

Display UAC status

Display default printer

Display installed language packs

Display Windows defender status

Display Firewall status
Display installed RAM

List Hard drive

Display the current Timezone

Display Internet Explorer version
Display the SCCM site code
WMI 6094603001932850024

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