Powershell Tip : Export some BIOS settings to HTML on LENOVO computers

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In this post I'll show you an easy way to export and list some BIOS settings to HTML.

On Lenovo computers there is a WMI class that you can use to display BIOS settings.

I used it to do an HTML export in order to check my master configuration without turning off my computer.

You can do an export to CSV or XML in order to compare BIOS settings using Powershell

How to use the query ?

To display BIOS settings I used the below query :
gwmi -class Lenovo_BiosSetting -namespace root\wmi | select currentsetting

Results you will get could be different between Laptop and desktop.

I can't confirmed that this WMI class works on all Lenovo model but it has worked on each model that I have tested.

1 / On Desktop

If you run the query on Desktop you will get below result containing Active values and also Optional values.
Results on Desktop

2 / On Laptop

If you run the query on Laptop you will get below result containing only Active values.
Reults on Laptop

How it looks ?

The below HTML export displays only Active values
BIOS settings : Active value

The below HTML export displays Active and Optional values.
BIOS settings : Active and Optional values

How to use the script ?
  1. Extract the content of the RAR file
  2. Copy the CSS file in your %temp% folder
  3. Comment the part you don't need

The script is organized in 2 parts :
  • Display Active values
  • Display Active and Optional values

You can find below a RAR file.
You can extract the content in order to get the PS1 and CSS files.
Download the RAR file

WMI 7303783854516063455

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