Powershell Tip : Export Power options (powercfg) to HTML

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In this post I'll show you a way to export and list Power options to HTLM.

To do this export I use the script from Dale Hirst that you can find Here.
This script exports all power options GUID.

Which options to export ?
In my case I don't want to export all options but just options founded in advanced power settings.

I also choose to divided the export in 2 parts :
  • Power options set in the master using a script, for an example.
  • Other basic options in advanced power settings

How it looks ?

PCFG options set in the master

Basic PCFG options

How to use it ?

1 ) Copy the "PCFG.css" file in %temp%

2 ) In order to display options by category I have initialized them using their GUID

My settings GUID
Basic settings GUID

3 ) Name the category depending of the GUID.

How to affect GUID to category

4 ) Display what we want 

Part to display PCFG master settings in AC mode

Download the PS1 and CSS

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