MDT Wizard : Show System informations on the WelcomeWiz_Choice.xml

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In this post I'll show you a way to display some system informations on the first page Welcomewiz_choice.xml.

See below the default wizard :
Default wizard
WelcomeWiz_Choice.xml after relook
As mentioned in a previous post, the 3 below files have been modified :
  • Welcomewiz_choice.xml
  • Welcomewiz_choice.vbs
  • Wizard.css

How to use this example ?
I choose to organize the page in 2 parts, it means 2 div and so 2 CSS classes, called as below :
  • Welcome_Left: Left part
  • Welcome_Right: Right part
Wizard structure in 2 parts
You can also organize it in 3 parts, as below:
Wizard structure in 3 parts
Or in 2 parts with a footer, as below:
Wizard structure in 2 parts and footer
As you may understand, you can manage and organize it as you want.
Next you just have to fill your divs with the expected content.

In the first part I have added several informations and  also the battery status, as below :
Computer is plugged in
Computer is running on battery

How to get the wizards ?

The link above allows you to download the wizards below:

ZTIGather 1504215838689064695

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