MDT wizard : Give a better look to the WelcomeWiz_Choice.xml

In this post I'll present you a way to give a new look to the first wizard which is displayed during an MDT deployment.
This screen, called "Welcomewiz_choice.xml", looks like, by default,  as below :
Default WelcomeWiz_Choice.xml

In this example I will organize this page to give it a metro look.
I use same functions and added two other :
  • Battery status: Check if computer is plugged in or not
  • Shutdown button
WelcomeWiz_Choice.xml after relook
If computer is running on battery
If computer is plugged in

1 / How to modify an MDT wizard

If you want to modify a wizard 3 files have to be modified:
  • Wizard.css: for page structure, color and police
  • Your_page.xml: for display
  • Your_page.vbs: actions on your page

In this example, the 3 files below have been modied:
  • Welcomewiz_choice.xml
  • Welcomewiz_choice.vbs
  • Wizard.css

Let's start by organizing the page structure to determine where each information will be displayed.
You can organize this page as you want using CSS and DIV. 
It means create your strucure using the CSS file, and integrate it using the XML file.

See below some links to understand :

2 / How to use this example ?

I choose to organize the page in 2 parts, it means 2 div and so 2 CSS classes, called as below :
  • Welcome_Left: Left part
  • Welcome_Right: Right part

Then fill your divs with the expected content.

a) How to manage the Wizard.css file .

Page structure
The page is organized in 2 parts (Left & Right). There are 2 CSS classes, Welcome_Left and Welcome_Right.

Manage the text 
There are 2 CSS classes, intitule_welcome (for the Big title) and infos_welcome (for the below text.

b) How to manage the xml ?

How the page is organized ?
As mentioned above, the xml works as an HTML page, so you have to declare your strucure using div tag.
In this example, as the page contains 2 parts, there are 2 div to create in the xml, as below.

How each div are organized ?
Each div contains a table with 4 rows and 2 columns.
One row by button and label.
The first column contains buttons, the second contains labels.

How to use buttons ?
Choose your image and choose the function which will be used by clicking on the picture using the "onclick" tag.

c) How to manage functions in vbs file ?

Add an action for a button 
Create a function with the same name as in the "onClick" field of the button.
For an example, as you can see above, the button shutdown use the function "Shutdown" (onclick="Shutdown").

The Shutdown function is below :

How to add an action when the page open ?
If you want to load a function when the page loads, you have to add an initialization step.
For an example, I have created a function "Battery_Check" which checks the battery status and displays different button and text depending of the status.

To launch it when the page load I have add the below initialization in the xml file.

How to get the script ?

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