Create a Metro GUI with Tiles and Powershell

In this post I will show you a great way to create a Metro GUI with tiles just like in Windows 10.

In a previous post, I have shown you how to use MahApps to give a better look to your GUI. 
To create this Metro GUI with Tiles I also used this theme. 

How it looks ?
Using MahApps you can add easily metro controls as Tile.
In this example I have created some Tile and a Flyout content in order to get something which looks like to a Windows 10 screen.
Metro GUI with Tiles
Metro GUI with Tiles and Flyout
How it works ?
You can add easily tile controls using the below part :
If you want to add a picture you just have to add a background part, as below :
If you want to add an icon, add the below part :
If you want to see more icons you can find theme here.

How to use it with PowerShell ?
Tile control works as button so to use a Tile with Powershell you just have to declare the control in your PS1, as below :
$Open_Desktop = $Form.FindName("Open_Desktop")

Then add the action on the control, as below :
New-Object -ComObject shell.application).toggleDesktop()

How to get this GUI style ?

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2 commentaires

5 mars 2016 à 19:04 delete

Thanks for sharing, this is very cool GUI!

6 mars 2016 à 12:27 delete

You're welcome. It's a pleasure if it could help. Thanks for your comment.