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If you work with MDT it could be interesting to list in Excel format what you have in your DeploymentShare.

In my case I find it much easier to read and I like to search other ways to proceed.

That's why I created a little tool in order to list some content of your DeploymentShare.
Using this tool you can also compare 2 DeploymentShare contents and see differences.

It's just "a way to" among other way. For an example you can also compare MDT content using tools as BeyondCompare but I tried to do something different to get XLSX and HTML format.

How it looks ?

To create this tool I used MahApps theme for the GUI creation. You can see in a previous post some explanations about MahApps.
After browing your deploymentshare content will be first listed in a Datagrid.
Then you can export content as CSV and XLSX format.

How it works ?

1 / Buttons

- Choose your deploymentShare : Browse to the DeploymentShare or Deploy folder 
Choose your Deploy folder

It'll list in the Datagrid part below XML files located in "Control" folder : 
  • Applications.xml
  • Drivers.xml
  • Packages.xml
  • TS.xml
  • OS.xml
Overview of listing in Datagrid

Your "$Deploymentshare\Control" folder will be automatically saved in a "Control_backup" folder located on your Desktop.

- Export to CSV : It will export above xml files to CSV and XLSX (if Office is installed) to a folder called "DeploymentShare_Export" located on your Desktop.
Export and Run compare buttons

- Run compare : It will open the flyout compare part on the top.
Compare Flyout part

2 / How the comparison works ?
  1. Select two CSV files you want to compare, and previously exported using the tool.
  2. Select which kind of export you want : HTML or XLS
  3. Click on "Compare" to run Run the comparison
Overview of Compare Applications to XLSX - Different sheets
Compare Applications - Same Applis & Versions
Compare Applications - New Applis in first Deploymentshare
Compare Applications - Same Appli but different version

Compare Applications - HTML Format

3 / What next ?

I'm currently working on a tool with which you can list, remove and add application on your Deploymentshare without MDT installed on your computer.

    How to download it  ?

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