Advanced Endpoint Analytics: devices anomalies overview

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In this post we will see what is Endpoint Analytics devices anomalies part and how to use it.

How to enable it ?

Microsoft recently integrated in March some cool features in Intune with some add-ons integrated in Intune suite.

One of them, called devices anomalies, is already available.

Devices anomalies is available as an add-on and is available in the part advanced Endpoint analytics.

To enable advanced Endpoint analytics you will need the Intune suite plan:

See here more info about advanced Endpoint analytics.

What is it ?

The anomalies part allows you to detect devices that have issues and works as an early warning system.

According to MS anomalies part works as below:

Anomaly detection monitors the health of devices in your organization for user experience and productivity regressions following configuration changes. When a failure occurs, Anomalies correlates relevant deployment objects to enable rapid troubleshooting, suggest root causes and remediation.

How it looks like ?

The Anomalies part looks like as below:

You will first see a a resume with count of anomalies on your devices by severity:

Then you will see details of anomalies:

- Severity of the anomaly (High; Low, info...)

- Anomaly title

- Count of affected devices

When you click on an anomaly you will get same info:

You will be able to see the list of affected devices:

In the next post we will see how to use it with... MS Graph of course.
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Anonyme a dit…

Cool feature, but $10 extra per month per user for extra (hard needed) features, should be illegal.

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