Get a list uptodate of all Lenovo models with translation MTM vs friendly name

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In this post I will show you some scripts allowing you to create a table of translation between all Lenovo models MTM vs friendly name.


If you use Lenovo models you may already noticed that trying to get model of a device returns it as MTM.

For instance let's take Lenovo T480s.

You can get model name using below WMI code:

The result here is: 20L8SD1100

Actually this is called MTM and Lenovo uses the first 4 characters to specifiy a model, meaning there Lenovo T480s will be 20L8.

Let's do the same query on a Dell Latitude 7480.

The result shows correctly the model name.

The issue

Of course on Lenovo you can easily get the friendly name of a model using property SystemFamily as below:

This returns: ThinkPad T480s

Issue 1

The issue is that property which is generally used is Model.

For instance if you go on the Intune portal, for Lenovo you will see the MTM instead of the SystemFamily.

Issue 2

As mentioned before the Intune portal returns by default the Model property and not SystemFamily.

It means also that if you work with Graph with devices you will have the same issue.

If you're working on a script to get devices data from Graph and send them to Log Analytics it could be useful to get devices model in two formats MTM and friendly name.

The solution

There is a really cool Lenovo tool allowing you to simulate a BIOS (I will soon blog about it).

You can find it here

The tool uses a JSON containing all models info with both MTM and friendly name, see here.

So now this is easy and we can proceed in few steps:

- Get the content of the txt file

- Split each line

- Seperate MTM and friendly name in two columns

Get the script

You can find two script by clicking on the below GitHub link

How scripts work ?

I created two scripts:

- MTM_to_Model.ps1

- Lenovo_Models_List.ps1

The first one returns the friendly name for a specific MTM.

The second one create a table with all models in two columns MTM, friendly name.

Lenovo MTM to friendly name

To use the script you just you need to add MTM as parameter, as below:

Lenovo MTM/Friendly name table

Run the script and specif the output format using parameters CSV or GridView.

See below an overview for GridView, it will list all models and I filter on T14s:

See below command for export in CSV or GridView:

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