Automatically enroll Windows Sandbox or a device in Intune without going to Access work or school

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In this post I will show you a way to enroll automatically your Windows Sandbox or a device in Intune without going to Access work or school.

Enroll Sandbox in Intune

You can check in my previous post, there, how to enroll Windows Sandbox to test intune deployment.


- You have enrolled Windows Sandbox in Intune

- You want to enroll it automatically

- You don't want to go to Access work for that

The solution

To enroll automatically your Windows Sandbox in your Intune tenant, we will proceed as below:

1. Create a provisioned package (ppkg file)

2. Install the package in Sandbox

3. We will also create a WSB that will run it 

Create the provisioned package

1. Go to MS Store

2. Search Windows Configuration Designer

3. Install it

4. Go to Windows Configuration Designer

5. Go to Provision desktop devices

6. In Set up device, type something random

7. In Set up network, disable it

8. In Account management click on Enroll in Azure AD

9. Click on Get Bult Token

10. Type user name and password

11. Skip Add applications

12. Skip Add certificates

13. Go to Switch to advanced editor, at the bottom

14. Go to Accounts > Azure

15. Check that both Authority and BPRT are filled

16. Go to DevDetails DNSComputerName, delete it

17. Go to OOBE > HideOOBE

18. Set it to True

19. Click on Export > Provisioned package

20. Click on Next twice

Install ppkg 

1. Open Windows Sandbox

2. Copy the provisioned package in your Sandbox

3. Run the PPKG file

4. Click on Yes

5. Click on Yes, Add it

Check installation

1. Go to Access work or school

2. Go to Add or remove a provioning package

3. Check the last one

4. Go back to Access work or school

5. You should see your Intune tenant

Automate it with a WSB

The WSB file will allow you to run an Sandbox session enrolled in your Intune tenant.

1. Create a WSB file as below:

2. We will call it Sandbox_intune

3. Run it

4. It will be automatically enrolled

Windows_Sandbox 341531860595912887

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Marcus a dit…

provtool.exe is not available in the Sandox, how did you add it?

Olivier a dit…

i can't install the ppkg on the sandbox. Any application is reconise

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