Intunewin right click tool: Extract content of intunewin file with a right-click on it

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In this post I will show you a script I created that allows you to extract of an intunewin file from a right click on it.


- You have some intunewin packages

- You want to be able to extract their content easily and quickly

Create and Extract tool

In my previous post I shared a tool that allows you to build quickly an intunewin package and also to extract them.

For the extract part, I use the IntuneWinAppUtilDecoder by Olivier Kieselbach.

Get the script

Click on the GitHub picture below to get the tool.

How to implement it ?

1. Download the ZIP content

2. Extract ZIP

3. Be sure to have both Add_structure.ps1 and Sources folder

4. Run Add_structure.ps1 with admin rights

5. A new context menu will be added for .intunewin

How to use it ?

1. Do a right-click on a .intunewin file

2. The below context menu we appear

3. Click on Extract intunewin content

4. The content will be extracted

5. Wait for the end messagebox, as below:

6. The extract folder will be opened

7. See below the full process in action

Intune_Win32Appli 1673731978604868370

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