PS1 to EXE Generator: Create an EXE for your PS1 scripts

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In this post I will show you the new version of my tool PS1 to EXE generator that allows you to convert your PowerShell scripts or project to an EXE.

1. You have a PS1 script or a project with differents like a WPF GUI with assemblies, PS1...
2. You want to provide a way for other people to run this project without to run directly the PS1 (in order to avoid some issues).
3. For this, you want to run your script after clicking on an EXE file.

How to get it ?

What's new ?
There are now two versions:
- The first one (the original tool) which used WinRAR to create the EXE
- The second tool use another way to create the EXE

Why the new version ?
The previous version using WinRAR creates SFX EXE archive.
The issue is that some antivirus detect those WinRAR EXE like a trojan even if they aren't (false positive).
The new version doesn't use WinRAR.
Furthermore, with the new version you will be able to create EXE that could be executed in WinPE environment.
You can find an WinPE EXE examples here and here.

Downloaded sources
The ZIP file is composed of two folders:
- New version: new version that doesn't use WinRAR
- WinRAR version: Tool using WinRAR

In the New_Version folder you can find both EXE and Sources files.

Trojan alert
If Windows Defender detects the EXE as a Trojan don't panic, it's a false positive.
See some links about this, here and here.
I will add a certificate in the next version.
You can use sources instead of the PS1 to EXE.exe file.

How it works ?
The new version use a C# project called make-exe, available here. Big up to Jared.

How to use it ?
1. In the Content sources part, click on Browse
2. Select the folder containing your script or project

3. In the EXE export path part, select the folder where to save the EXE
4. Click on Browse and select the folder

5. In the EXE informations part type the name of the EXE to create
6. Then select the main PS1 to run after running the EXE
7. In the Icon path part you can select an icon for your EXE

8. Click on the Build the EXE button
9. Once the EXE is created a message will be displayed

Don't hesitate to contact me by mail for more informations or if you faced some issues
PS1TOEXE 329378415223636722

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Anonyme a dit…

Hello, link to tool is not correct, sends to TS debugger.
Here is correct one : https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/PS1-To-EXE-Generator-d39e8be2

Thank you for your work!

Anonyme a dit…

Wonderful nice tool

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