Task Sequence Debugger for MDT

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In this post I will show you the Task Sequence Debugger I built for MDT with PowerShell and MDT that you can open easily from keyboard.

Task Sequence Debugger ?
Some months ago Microsoft has released a new tool called Task Sequence Debugger that helps you to control your Task Sequence.
See below an overview of the SCCM debugger:

See below some links about it:

Now let's see the Task Sequence Debugger for MDT.

Get the tool

How it looks like ?
The Task Sequence Debugger looks like as below:

A button in the title bar allows you to change the theme, as below: 

The second button allows you to refresh values (step and variables) each 5 seconds.
Click on it again to stop the timer.

The tool is composed of four tabs.

TS Steps
This part list all steps from the TS xml and indicates whic is the current step.
See below an overview:

TS Variables
This part list all MDT variables and their values.
See below an overview:

This part allows you to run some actions.
- Change keyboard PE
- Make a screenshot
- Open CMTrace
- Pause the TS (not available yet)
- Shutdown the PE
- Open regedit
- Open the Task Manager
- Open PowerShell prompt
- Open CMD prompt

See below an overview:

How it works ? 

1. Run a deployment
2. To open the tool type F3
3. The tool will be displayed
4. You can close it and open it as you want using F3

Values auto-refresh
1. Run the TS
2. Open the Debugger
3. Click on the Play button
4. The TS steps part will progress with your deployment
5. Click again on the Play button to stop the timer

How to integrate it ?
1. Add files below from the downloaded content in your boot image
- run_keys.cmd
- TS_Debugger.exe
- winpe_keys.exe
- winpeshl.ini
2. Update your Deployment Share

What's next ?
- Possibility to pause the TS from a button, on the fly
- Display logs in a grid
- Possibility to choose the deployment log to display

Don't hesitate to send me a mail if you see something more to add
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