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A special post today because my blog just reached 1 million hits so for this time I won't speak about PowerShell, Intune, SCCM, WPF, nothing technical :-)

Quick reminder of my blog
My mentor
6 years ago I was working with some colleagues and one of them had a blog (and still have btw).
When I saw each post he published, I thought, "hey boy that's so cool to share what your learn, what you faced..."
Maybe you know him, his name is Nicolas Lacour (a Frenchie like me) aka Diagg.
He first blogged in French on his first blog zany and open eyes.
Then he chose to blog in English, you can now follow him on his new blog osd-couture.

Guys who gave me taste of sharing
As mentioned before, the first guy who gave me the taste to share and create my own blog is Nicolas Lacour.
However he is not alone, there are some other guys through whom I learned a lot of things.
- François-Xavier cat and his blog Lazywinadmin
- Johan Arwidmark and his blog Deployment Research
- Stephen Owen and his blog FoxDeploy
- Andrew Barnes and his blog Scriptimus
- Nickolaj Andersen and his blog SCConfigMgr
Also a special mention to my colleagues who also helped me a lot: Jérôme, Kevin, Hervé, Fred, Steven, Seb, Philippe, Laurent and to other people Harjit, Jérôme Bezet...

2013, let's start
In 2013 I started my blog first in French. 
The goal of my blog was to share what I learned and also issues I faced and how I resolved it. After some posts I started to write in English in order to be more visible and to help more people. 
The goal of my blog was not to become MVP and I think that if you only publish for that this is reallyyyyy not a good reason. Just share what you learn for passion, to help :-)

2017, MVP
In 2015 a really nice guy contacted me through messenger to say that he loved what I do, I was really happy, I thought "Hey that's cool a guy from Mexico knows my blog and like it"
Then he asked if I was MVP (he thought I was). When I told him nope, I'm not, he told hooo come one, I have to nominate you. 
A big big thanks to this guy, Octavio Rodriguez.
You can follow him on his blog in Spanish.
Two years after I received the famous mail that informed me I have been awarded as Microsoft MVP.

Thanks all my readers to follow me and I hope you learn something on this blog :-)

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