Disconnect, migrate and reconnect your PST with PowerShell

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In this post I will show a little script I did that allows you to migrate your PST files to another location and then reconnect them automatically from the new location.

How it works ?
This script will do the below actions:
- Close Outlook if it's opened
- Check all mapped PST files in Outlook
- Disconnect those PST files from Oulook
- Save those PST files in the new folder
- Mapped those PST files from the new location.

Note: The script should be executed in user context

How to use it ?
Just type the below line:
Get the script
Click on the below GitHub picture to get the script.

Script in action
- I have five PST archive opened in Outlook.

- I want to move them in the folder "C:\My_PST".
- The script is currently being executed.

- See below the "C:\My_PST" folder content

pst migration 1617232487296106911

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