PSGallery: List BIOS Settings from local or remote computer

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In this post, I will show you a PowerShell module I created that allows you to list settings from differents BIOS manufacturer and from a local or remote computer.

What is it ?
This module allows you to query local or remote computer BIOS settings.
You can query settings the below manufacturers:
- Dell
- HP
- Lenovo
- Toshiba (not yet tested, any feedback would be welcome)

How to install it ?
The module is available on the PowerShell gallery.
To install it, type: install-module GetBIOS

Available commands
To list available commands in the module, type: get-command -module GetBIOS.
This module is composed of one cdmlet called: GetBIOS

See the help part by typing get-help.

How to use it ?

List local BIOS settings
1 / Just type Get-BIOS
2 / It will check for your manufacturer and list appropriate BIOS Settings.

3 / If your manufacturer is not a Dell, HP or Lenovo, the below warning will be displayed.

List remote computer BIOS settings
1 / Type Get-BIOS and add parameter -Computer "ComputerName" to the command.
2 / A credentials Window will appear to type credentials to access to the remote computer.

3 / It will check for your manufacturer and list appropriate BIOS Settings.

What's next ?
In the next posts, I will publish:
- A module to export BIOS settings to HTML, CSV
- A module to compare two BIOS configuration
- A module to change BIOS settings on Lenovo, Dell, HP
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Vandrey Trindade a dit…


Great work!
I don't know with which version of the Dell Provider module you created this module.
But I had to make some changes to make it work.

First my enviornment:
DellBIOSProvider version -
Windows 10 Pro 1903 build 18362.295
Windows PowerShell 5.1.18362.145

What I've changed:
Inside the "Get_Dell_BIOS_Settings" function, I have added this line before the "get-command -module dellbiosprovider | out-null":
Import-Module DellBIOSProvider -Force

I also changed the last line to better display the results:
$Get_BIOS_Settings | Format-Table -HideTableHeaders

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