Quick Deployment Analysis: Monitor from systray

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In this post, I will show you a new tool I created that allows you to monitor your computers  deployments directly from the systray or toolbars. It'll open some different options and a main GUI as above to list current installations.
Special thanks to JF, Alex  and Octavio for their tests.

You have an icon located in your systray 
Once you click on it, your current deployment from your MDT Server, will be listed in a window.
A right-click on the icon will display differents options as below

- Open the monitoring list (Same than clicking on the icon)
- Monitoring host settings
- Be notified when computer are installed
- Export to a CSV export
- About
- Update the tool
- Restart the tool
- Exit

You just need to know the monitoring host, usually name of your MDT Server.

Then you just need to run the ps1 file.
!!! Note that you don't need to have MDT installed on your computer to run the tool.

How to get it ?

How to use it ?
1 / Copy the Quick_Deployment_Analysis folder in C:\ProgramData
2 / Run the Deployment_Monitoring.ps1 file
3 / Then, the below systray icon will be displayed.

Click on the icon
1. The below window will appear. It'll list your current deployment and refresh the list every 10 seconds.

2. If this is the first time you're using the tool, it will display the below window or if your MDT server can't be reached you'll have to set your Monitoring Host, see how to do in the Set monitoring host part.

3. If no computers have been found, it will display the below window

Monitoring host settings
It allows you to set your Monitoring host as below:

- If your monitoring host has already been configured and can be reached, the below window is displayed.

- If your monitoring host has already been configured but can't be reached, the below window is displayed.

- If your monitoring host has never been configured, the below window appears.

Type your host and click on the button, then wait few seconds and the window will be in green, as below.

Be notified
This part allows you to select some computers in the list of running computers to be informed when they are installed. 
For now you can select only one computer, in the next version you'll be able to be notified for multiple.
Once a computer is installed or if failed you will receive a windows notification.
In the next version, I will add notification by mail.

Export to CSV
This part allows you to create a CSV report containing your current deployment.

This part displays some informations about the tool.
There is also an option to be aware if the tool is up to date. If not a button will allow you to update it.

Restart the tool
In case of bugs for instance, this part allows you to restart the tool.
1. It will first close all concerned process
2. Close the systray icon
3. Run again the tool in 10 seconds

Add your own logo
Of course you can replace the main monitoring below and add your own logo.
For that, proceed as below:
1. Copy your logo in the programdata\MDT_Systray folder
2. In the DM_Systray_Monitoring.ps1 replace values about logo.png with yours.
3. And Tada you have a customize window, as below

Enable icon in systray
In order to display the Monitoring icon directly in the systray bar without clicking on the arrow, proceed as below:
1. Type Taskbar notification area in the search bar
2. Click on Select wich icons appear on the taskbar
3. Enable MDT Monitoring

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