Software Center for MDT: Customize your Client with the Client Manager

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Two weeks ago I have shown you a tool I crated called MDT Software Center. In this post, I will show you a tool that allows you to customize the MDT Software center client in order to change theme, color, icon or logo.
Video explanation

How to get the tool?

    How to use it ?

    See below a short gif about how works the tool

    The tool is pretty simple to use, see below how it looks like.

    1 / Note that two buttons are available.
    The Test my project button allows you to see how will look like the Software center using the selected options before to generate it. For instance if you have selected a theme Base Light, with Red color and the below icon, you can see directly the results, as below. If you like it you can generate the client using the Generate the client button. If not just select other colors or theme and test again. 
    The Generate the client button allows you to create your Client, it will create a folder My_Client on your desktop.

    2 / The Select a theme part allows you to change the main theme of the Software Center GUI.
    Two themes are available: BaseLight and BaseDark.
    See below an overview of the Software Center with BaseLight and Basedark theme.
    BaseLight theme and Blue Accent
    BaseDark Theme and Blue Accent
    3 / The Select an accent part allows you to change the controls color. Several colors are available, see below.
    Accent colors
    See below an overview of the Software Center with Blue, Red and Indigo colors.
    BaseLight Theme and Red Accent
    BaseLight Theme and Indigo Accent

    4 / The Select an icon part allows you to change the icon displayed in the GUI.
    By default the icon is the below
    Default Icon

    Select a new icon as below

    See below the result
    New icon overview
    You can also add your own logo using the Select a logo part.
    Add your own logo

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    German Alonso Pimentel Vera a dit…

    Sorry but, it says the item is not available for download yet

    Anonyme a dit…

    Is this still available?
    I would love to get my hands on this to customize our client?
    Thanks mate!

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