Fake Windows 10 in PowerShell, WPF and MahApps

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In this post, I will share a WPF GUI I have done.
Goal is to show you how powerfull is the combo: WPF + MahApps + PowerShell.
This GUI is not a real Windows 10 computer but a GUI I have done entirely with WPF and WPF.

I added many controls that you can find in the metro design side of Windows 10.

How to get the GUI ?

How it works ?

See below different controls I have added.
The main GUI is composed of 6 Flyout controls, as below:

1 / Start Menu Flyout
2 / Hidden icones Flyout
3 / Battery Flyout
4 / Network Flyout
5 / Audio Flyount
6 / Action Center Flyout

Start menu part

Battery part

Network part

Audio part

Action center part

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