MDT Wizard: Display applications by category

In this post, I will show you an easy way to display, in an MDT Wizard, applications that will be installed, after your deployment, using multiple categories.
Indeed, I will share a quick method to display and configure applications using the below categories:
- Mandatory applications
- Business applications
- Hardware categories

Of course these categories are just examples, you can use your own.

    How to get the wizard ?

    How it works ?

    To display applications by category, I used the comment field from the application properties in MDT. 
    For instance, I add a comment Mandatory for the Office 2016 application or a comment Business for the SAP application.
    Mandatory comment
    Then the wizard will display in the mandatory part, all applications with a comment Mandatory, in the Business part, all applications with a comment Business and in the hardware part, all applications with a comment Hardware.
    Application categories ListBox
    Mandatory applications list
    See below the XML wizard used to display these applications category

    See below the VBS file used to display applications depending of the comment field. 
    This VBS will search all applications in the Deploy\Control\Applications.xml

    How to use it ?

    - Download the wizard
    - Add both VBS & XML files to the Deploy\Scripts folder
    - Open the DeployWiz_Definition_ENU.xml file
    - Add your wizard as below in the XML

    - Add comments for your applications

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