Display Windows 10 notifications with PowerShell

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In this post I won't talk about a tool or script I created but about a cool way to display notifications on your computer using PowerShell.
Last month  Stephen Owen wrote a great post about a module called BurnToast.. 
I have already heard about it but never tested. 
How wrong I was, this module is just amazing. 
That's why I decided to write my own post about it.

What is BurnToast ?

BurnToast is a PowerShell module created by Joshua King. It allows you to display notifications on your computer like on Windows 10.
You can find more informations on the PowerShell Gallery web site or on the Joshu'as GitHub.

How to install it ?

It's pretty simple to install.
Note: To use it you'll need PowerShell v5.
Open the PowerShell command prompt and type the below command to install the module.

How to use it ?

First,  it will use the default notification display time from Windows 10.
See here to change it, minimum time is 5 secs.
Run the below command to run the default notification. It will display a notification with a default Title, description and picture. 

See below:

Run the below cmdlet to personalize your notification. You can set your own Title, Description and add your own picture.

See below:

Add the -appid parameter to add your own appid instead of displaying BurntToast.

See here or below the available parameters to run BurntToast:

BurntToast in action

Now let us see some examples in which that can be useful.

Use as a progress bar

Encryption tool

On the FoxDeploy post, you can find a first example of the using of this module with a script to ecncrypt your C: drive with BitLocker.

Export tool

In a previous post, I have shared a tool to export your computer configuration, see below.
So, why not using this famous module to display the progression ? See below the example.
Export my config with BurntToast notifications

Monitoring your OS deployment

MDT allows you to check your deployment using the monitoring part from another computer. 
This way you can check the progression of all deployment or of a specific computer. 
We can imagine a notification area to display the deployment progression of a computer by displaying the step name and the progression percentage.
In the following sample, I used PowerShell to display the progression of a computer called Test2. 
I will share the used script, with some others in another article.
Deployment monitoring

Use as warning 

Battery warning

We can also imagine some other context, like a planified task that will check the battery status each 30 minutes and display a notification when the battery estimated run time is among 10 minutes.

Deployment end warning

Why not a script that will check the deployment progression for a specific computer and display a notification when the deployment is finished ? See below the notification example.
I will share soon, in another post, the script for this part.
Deployment completed notification

As you may understand there are many possibilities to use this module,.  

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Paul Fijma a dit…

Your examples have a typo:
it's New-BurntToastNotification not New-BurntoastNotification (note the missing 'T' after burnt)

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