PowerShell Tool: MDT Media Builder

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Creating a media using MDT can be achieved in two steps.
You need first to create the media. 

This step will just create a folder Content\Deploy in the path you have selected and add the media in the Media node.
Then you have to update your media content. This step will generate boot images, ISO file, create the boot content to use on your USB stick ...

Why not doing all these actions in one ?
In this post I will show you a quick and little tool I have created which allows you to customize a media and build it in one step.

Is this tool esential ? Of course not, you can do it easily using MDT but I like to find different ways to do some actions and have fun with PowerShell.

  • At least PowerShell v3
  • At least .Net Framework 4
  • An existing Deployment Share build with MDT 2013 Update 1 or 2

How to get the tool ?

How it works ?
As shown in the screenshot below, the tool is composed of four parts:
  • Sources: Choose your DeploymentShare and media path
  • USB: Choose your USB to copy the deploy content
  • Options: Choose boot image to generate, generate or not an ISO
  • Rules: Edit or import customsettings.ini and boostrap.ini
  • PE: Customize Windows PE properties

Sources tab
1/ Browse to your Deployment Share 
2/ Browse to your media 

USB tab
Media Builder - USB tab
Browse to your USB Stick using the Browse button.
Note: This step won't format it, it has to be formated previously.

Use the the Copy type ListBox to copy the deploy content to your USB stick.
Copy type ListBox
Options tab
Media Builder - Options tab 
This tab is the corresponding tab of the General properties of your Media
Media General properties

Choose the selection profile to apply using the selection profile ListBox
Selection profile ListBox
Choose each kind of boot image to generate: x86-x64
If you want to generate an ISO file, type the name in the ISO file name TextBox

Rules tab
Media Builder - Rules tab
This tab is the the corresponding tab of the rules properties of your media.
Media rules property in MDT

Customsettings.ini part
Edit the Customsettings.ini using the Edit button
If you want to import an existing Customsettings.ini, click on the Import button and browse to your ini file.

Boostrap.ini part
Edit the Boostrap.ini using the Edit button
If you want to import an existing Boostrap.ini, click on the Import button and browse to your ini file.

See the tool in action

We'll use the tool to build a media with the configuration below:
  • DeploymentShare: C:\DeploymentShare
  • USB: Brows to G:\ and set copy to Yes
  • Options: Generate x64 image and generate ISO My_ISO.iso
  • Rules: Import an existing Customsettings and let the Boostrap by default
1 / Generate the media
Generate media - Progress
2 / Updating Boot media 
Updating boot images - Progress
2 / The ISO file will be created
Generate ISO - Progress
3 / Deploy content will be copied to your USB Stick
Copy deploy content to USB Stick - Progress
You can find in the media folder the content below:
Media folder content

You can find on your USB Stick, the content below:
USB Stick content

Once the process is completed a Media_Builder.log file will be available at the root of your media folder and at the root of your USB Stick if you have selected copy.

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Unknown a dit…

Do you have any good methods/tools for spanning MDT across multiple DVDs? Have a customer that cant use USB, but has a large MDT deployment they need to put on Multiple DVDs

Dennsya a dit…

Would you please upload the tool to github?The download link is is invalid.Thanks.

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