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In this post I'll show you the new version of my tool MDT Profile Generator.
One month ago I shared a tool which allows you to generate easily a customsettings.ini file for MDT.

In this new version you can find some new parameters to set:
  • Second OS Language
  • Deployment type
  • Organisation name
  • Set your computer name with the serial number
  • Internet Explorer Home Page
  • Enable the capture
  • Save and restore user data
  • Finish action after deployment
  • GPO Pack 
  • WSUS Server
  • Event service
  • Log share at the end of the setup
  • Real time logging
  • Hide the explorer duro,ng the deployment process
  • Do not create extra partition
Now let's see how it works.

How to get the script ?

What's new in this version ?

In the Details Tab
Details tab 
In the details tab a new ListBox is available to add a second language to your OS. 
It'll list all language packs from the packages.xml file.
New field - Second language
Second language ListBox
If two language packs have been selected, your MUI's will be added in the ini file as below:
Language packs in ini file

Another new ListBox is also available to set the Deployment type. This value will change the behavior of the new Backup Tab. See how in the new Backup Tab explanation below.
Deployment Type

In the Domain tab
Domain Tab
In the Details tab, you can now set the name which will be displayed in the deployment progress bar.
You can also set the hostname using the serial number of the device on which you run the deployment.
New fields - Org name and computer nam
The ini file will be set as below:
Results in the ini file

In the Network Tab
Network Tab
A new TextBow allows you to set the Internet Explorer home page using the "Home page" TextBox.
New field - Home page

New field - Home page
The home page will be added as below in the ini file:
Set the home page in ini file

Backup Tab (New tab)
Backup Tab
As mentioned above, controls displayed in this tab will change depending of the deployment type you have chosen.

If the deployment type is set to "Do not set" or " New computer" this tab will become as below:
Backup Tab - New computer Deployment type
If the deployment type is set to "Refresh", this tab will become as below:
Backup Tab -  Refresh Deployment type

In the capture part, you can:
1 / Enable the capture an image of your computer
2 / Set the capture location
3 / Set the capture name with two extensions, WIM or VHD
4 / Set the user name, password and domain to connect to the capture location.

In the move and restore user data and settings you can:
1 / Enable the move user data and settings
2 / Enable the keep existing partitions settings
3 / Enable the restore user data and settings
4 / Set the restore location

Other Tab (New tab)
Other Tab
In this tab, you can now:
1 / Set an action at the end of the deployment.
Finish action ListBox
2 / Install a GPO pack. It sould be located in deploymentshare\Templates folder
GPO Pack ListBox
GPO Pack location
3 / Set a WSUS server to keep your computer updated.
4 / Set an Event service to get a live reporting in the monitoring section of MDT
5 / Set the path of the log files share available at the end of the setup
6 / Set the path of the real time logging of a Task Sequence
INI file - Set other part

Example of a Customsettings.ini generated with the tool 

What's next ?

- Create deployment wizard with a ListBox to choose a INI file to apply
- Add a button to load an existing INI file
- Add a button to test online deployment wizard using the ini file you are creating 

Feel free to contact me by comment or at damien.vanrobaeys@gmail.com for any questions, issues or suggestions.

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4 commentaires

Unknown a dit…

Neat little tool! :-D
Joli travail Damien!

Damien Van Robaeys a dit…

Merci FX :-)

JOBBO a dit…

Insanely Great

Damien Van Robaeys a dit…

Thanks a lot for your comment.
Hoping it could be useful :-)

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