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In my previous post I demonstrated you how to create an exe using Winrar to run a Powershell script.
As I like automation I created a tool which automates this task.

  • At least Powershell v3
  • At least Net Framework 4.5
  • WinRAR

How to use it ?

This tool  is very easy to use.
In this post I'll create an exe to run the GUI I have shared previously: MDT Application Manager.
This tool is composed of the files below:

My exe will contain this content and will launch the file MDT-Application_Manager.ps1
Now let's see how to create this exe using the tool.
PS1 To EXE Generator GUI
Fill the fields below:
  • Content sources: Browse to your project folder
  • EXE name: Name of your exe file
  • PS1 name: PS1 file to launch 
  • Icon path: Browse to the ".ico" file

The combobox for PS1 name will list all ps1 files which are in the folder.
PS1 name combobox
Then click on Build the EXE
Your EXE will be created automatically on your Desktop.
Your EXE is now ready 
If you get an error after running the exe concerning archive, delete this  exe an try again to create it.

How to get the tool ?
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