Powershell tool to manage MDT 2013 Applications

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In this post I will show you a way to manage applications ( add, modify and remove) from a Deploymentshare or Deploy content and without MDT installed on your computer.

Why ? During one of my mission I was in charge of a worldwide Master. We only used MDT to create the Operating System image including mandatory applications. The master was developed in JavaScript. Then it was distribute to all System Admin of the company in the world. 
That's why I imagine a tool in PowerShell which allows IT admin to manage themselves this master in order to add specific applications (applications used in their branch).

Which version of MDT is supported ?

- MDT 2013 Update1 - Build 6.3.8298.1000
- MDT 2013 Update2 - Build 6.3.8330.1000

How to download the tool ?
How to use the tool ?
1 / Choose your Deploymentshare 

It could be :
- A Deploymentshare which is installed on your computer.
- A Deploy content (usually created on media)

Once you have chosen a deploy content, the "Control" folder from your Deploymentshare will be automatically saved on your Desktop in a folder called MDT_Save.

If your DeploymentShare or Deploy folder has been generated from a version 2013 Update1 or Update2 of MDT, the MDT Check Version label will be as below :

MDT Update 1
MDT Update 2

If it has been created from a previous version of MDT the MDT Check Version will be as below and "Application Buttons" will be disabled.
MDT not supported version
Once it's done, applications found in your Deploymentshare will be listed in the Datagrid, as below :
MDT Manager - List applications in datagrid

You can manage applications using 3 actions.
Application Actions 

2 / Add an application

Click on the "Add" button
The below window will appear
Fill the field with your application information's
Add Application part

You could find below an explanation between the MDT Application fields and fields from the tool.

Two buttons are also available in the Title Bar of the "Add Application Part".

The first button will display a summary of what you have filled, as below :
Application Summary
The second will clear all fields. 

3 / Modify an application

Select the application you want to modify in the Datagrid
Click on the "Modify" button
The "Modify Application Part" will appear
You can modify application infomations, checkbox and sources
Once you have modified your application, click on "Apply the change
Modify Application Part - Before change

Let us change some values to see how it appears in MDT.
We'll change the version and enable the value "Reboot the computer after installing the application".

MDT values - Before change
MDT Reboot value - Before change

In the Modify Application Part we will now change the version to "Version 2" and enable the reboot value.
Modify Application Part - After change

MDT values - After change
MDT Reboot value - After change

4 / Remove an application

Select the application you want to remove in the Datagrid
Click on the "Removebutton 
The application should be removed from the Datagrid.

How it works ?

Download the MDT Application Manager EXE, you can find the link a the top
Run the EXE file as administrator

What's next ?

I'll work on a next version to integrate below options :
 - Set an application as a Mandatory Application
 - Add option "This can run on every platforms
 - Add option "This can run only on the specified client platform"
 - Add the Application dependencies part
 - Add a new part to manage Packages

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