Import an application in MDT with a right-click Version 2

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In my previous post I have shown you a way to import quicly an application in MDT with a right-click. In this post I will show you the same process using a different method.

What's new ?

1 / Application.xml file is replaced by a GUI
In the first version you had to fill an "Application.xml" file with your application information. In this version this part is replaced with a GUI.

2 / Application informations are pre-filled
If your application folder sources is named as in MDT "Publisher Name Version" these fields will be automatically set in the GUI using the folder name.
Folder name
3 / Multiple DeploymentShare selection
You can find in c:\windows\import_appli_mdt a DeploymentShare_List.xml file.
This file is used to select your deploymentshare. Paste your deploymentshare path in the path node. If you have several deploymentshare add them in this file.
Deploymentshare list

How to use it ?
1 / Do a right-click in your application sources folder
2 / Click on "Import this application in MDT"
Context menu
3 / The below GUI will appear
Import application GUI 1
A prettier GUI version is also available. To use it you need at least Powershell v3 and Net Framework v4.
To use this latter you have to modify the below registry Key:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\Add this application in MDT\command
Change the "Default" string value: in the ps1 path replace gui1 with gui2
Import application GUI 2
4 / Fill the application informations. Name and CommandLine are mandatory fields.
Missing fields
5 / Click on "Import"
6 / The application will be imported in your Deploymentshare

How to get the script ?
1 / Download the "Add_Application_Contexmenuv2.rar" file
2 / Extract the RAR file
3 / Run the "Add application MDT v2.exe" file

How works the script ?
1 / You can find a folder c:\windows\import_appli_mdt containing both GUI versions.
2 / Fill your deploymentshare in the file deploymentshare_list.xml.

What's next ?
Add a checkbox to set an application as Mandatory by adding it in the customsettings.ini

Thanks to Stephen and Seb for their good suggestions.
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