Powershell Tool : New version of Microsoft EXE Extractor

In this post I will present you the update of the tool MS EXE Extractor.

Indeed in my previous post, I have presented a little tool which allows you to extract content of a Microsoft EXE, as KB.

The problem was that if you have multiple EXE to extract, it could be boring to manage each exe one by one.

In this new version, you can extract multiple Microsoft EXE directly.

How to use the tool ?

The tool works as before, in the first version.
I created the GUI using powzershell studio.

How to use exe file selection ?

In this new version, you can choose multiple EXE file and extract all of them.

To use this function you just have to copy all of the EXE files you want to extract in the same folder.
  • Choose what do you want to extract, one EXE or several.

  • If you have selected "Choose one EXE" the first button will be "Choose an EXE"

  • If you have selected "Choose multiple EXE" it will be "Choose a folder".

How to use the multiple EXE selection ?
  • "Choose a folder" : Select the folder which contains all your EXE files. 
  • "Extract folder" : Select the folder in which all your EXE will be extracted.

  • Content of my EXE sources folder :

  •  Content of my extract folder after extraction. One folder by EXE

  • An "extract_log.txt" is also created to list all actions.

You can find in the below rar file the PFF file which is used to create the GUI.
I'll explain in a post how to create quickly a GUI tool.

Download the Tool

Windows 8979501037094433

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