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Your deployment wizards are displayed through the Wizard.hta file. This file loads all XML files.  
You can find here below, some tips and tricks not very technical but which could be helplul.

Increase the Wizard size

The wizard size can be modfied using the window.resizeTo part.
Resize wizard part

Display wizards on Full screen

Add the line WINDOWSTATE="maximise" at the beginning of the wizard.hta
Display wizard on full screen
Modify the Header structure

Search the "MyHeader" part in the wizard.hta file
Then you can as instance divise the header in two parts.
Header area part

Modify the main part strucure

To modify the main part area search the "MyContentArea" part.
Content area part

Modify the Navigation pane Area

The navigation pane is used to display all steps about yourdeployment.
Navigation pane
To modify it, search the "MyNavigationArea" part.
Navigation area part

Modify the footer area
To modify the footer area, search the "CommandArea" part.
Command area part

Change the header backgroun'ds and icon.

Search the part src="header-image.png". Then replace this one by the expected picture or background color. 
Header area part
To modify the icon, search the src="Computer.png" part, then replace this picture with the good one. 

Hide the panel title

By default header title are displayed in the header area, as below:
To hide these titles, comment the line below: 
MyHeaderTitle.InnerHTML = oCurrentNode.Attributes.getNamedItem("title").value 
Header area part
Then the header will be displayed without title.

Change the DeployWiz_Definition_ENU background

It can be modified using the  background-color part from the ContentArea
You cana also add a picture by replacing the background-color part with  style="background-image:url(votre_image.png).
Content area part

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