PS1 To Exe Generator - New version

In this post, I will show you the new version of my tool PS1 To EXE generator that allows you to generate an EXE file from a PowerShell project, choose the main ps1 and inlude other files and folders.
Link to the first version: Here

In this new versions, there is some new features:
- New design
- Possibility to require or not admin rights for your EXE
- Possibility to set a password 
- Possibility to add paramaters to your PS1 script
- Check WinRAR informations

How to get the tool?

What's new ?

New design
New design
The tool is now composed of two parts.
The first one, is the same than in the first version.
The second part is new. This part called WinRAR infos allows you to check if WinRAR is installed and which version is used (x86 or x64).

WinRAR test

If WinRAR is installed, you will get the below WinRAR infos:
WinRAR is installed
If WinRAR isn't installed, you will get the below WinRAR infos and this part will be first opened.
WinRAR isn't installed
Admin rights

In the EXE configuration part, the Requires admin rights CheckBox allows you to ask or not admin rights after running the EXE. 
Admin rights CheckBox
If the Requires admin rights has been checked the EXE file will be as below:
Requires admin rights 
If not, it will be as below
Not requires admin rights 

Set a Password 

This function allows you to ask for a password after running the EXE.
Click on the button below
This will open the Flyout below
More options Flyout
Check the Set a password CheckBox to enable the password part as below
Password field
Type your password and close the Flyout.

Now when you run your EXE, you will have to type your password as below
Ask for password
If a bad password is typed, you will get the below message
Bad password

Add parameters

Click on the More options button
In the Add parameters to your PS1 TextBox, type the parameters to add. Don't forget to type with "-"
Add parameters option

How to use it ?

The first step is to selected your PowerShell project. This project should be a folder that contain your PS1 file and all associated files and folder.
For instance, in the following example, my project is the folder below, that contains all these items.
My Project folder
Click on the Browse button from the Content sources part, and select the folder containing your project, in my case it's the folder MyApplication.
Content sources part
Browse project
In the EXE name part, type the name of the EXE you will create.
In the PS1 name, choose the main PS file that will be run after running the EXE file. 
In my case it will be the PS1 MyAppli.ps1
EXE infos part
As mentioned above, check the Requires admin rights CheckBox, to ask for admin rights after running the EXE file.

The icon part allows you to add an icon to your EXE file. Click on the Browse button and select you .ico file.
Choose an icon
To finish, click on the Build the EXE button to create your EXE.
Once it's done the below message appears and your EXE file will be created in your Desktop.
Success message

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