Install IE10 or IE11 Language Packs on W7 depending of your MUI System

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As already presented in a previous post, from last February, if you want install IE10/11, you can't install an IE10/11 MUI if the corresponding system MUI is not installed previously.

When you install IE11 you have to install the correct IE language pack.

That's why I wrote a little Powershell script which detects all System MUI which are installed and install the correct IE10/11 MUI for each System Language pack.

For an example if you have German, French and Italian System MUI, it will install German,  French and Italian IE10 language pack.

How to use the script ?
  1. Download the "IE_MUI_Install.ps1" Powershell script ==> Here 
  2. Select the folder in which you will copy the IE10 / 11 Language Packs, using the variable $MUI_IE.
  3. A log is also created, by default it will be stored in C: and named "Internet Explorer 10_MUI_Install.log" or "Internet Explorer 11_MUI_Install.log"

How to store language packs ?
    1. Download the IE10 Language Packs for Windows 7 ==> Here 
    2. Download the IE11 Language Pack for Windows 7 ==> Here 
    3. MUI for IE10 or IE11 are named as below, don't rename them, or in this case, just keep the part "af-za", "am-et" ...

    What does the script ?
    • First, it will search all System MUI's which are installed on your computer, using the below WMI query :
    • The query will return a code as for an example "en-US" for English or "fr-FR" for French.
    • By default languages packs are configured with a code as below :
    • These code will be stored in the variable $Lang.
    • The script will search in your IE10/11 MUI folder all MUI which match with these code and install each MUI.
    • The script will also create a Log file as below :
    Log file which will be created

    • You can run the script using the below command, for an example in MDT :
    c:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe -sta -WindowStyle Hidden -noprofile -executionpolicy bypass -file "IE_MUI_install.ps1"

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